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Can’t Get Enough of Zubuchon

One thing I will miss about Cebu for sure is its glorious lechon.  The Queen City of the South holds the unsurpassed record for making the tastiest lechon in the country.  So I grab every chance I get to indulge myself in decadent pork dishes in the city’s “it” lechon place, Zubuchon.  I know I’ve already written about it (after my unforgettable first visit wherein I shamelessly turned into the ultimate fan girl upon seeing Marketman) but the food is just so good, I have the urge to write every time I eat there.

Anyway, last Friday night was the perfect time to again, visit Zubuchon.  I had all the excuses in my pocket to go there, it was payday weekend after all.  Times like these, KJ lang ang mga nagdidiet.

I wanted to try their not-so-offbeat dishes.  First timers usually order lechon, of course, squid stuffed with lechon sisig or practically anything with lechon – these are tried and tested stunners.  I was in the mood to stimulate my taste receptors so a play of different flavors sounded like a good idea.

For starters, I ordered their Tomato, Salted Duck Egg and Bangus Tinapa.  I finished this dish singlehandedly.  It was that good.  I still daydream about it and I literally salivate at the very thought of the succulent tomatoes and rich salty duck eggs with smoky bangus flakes finished off with some rustic vinegar/vinaigrette (errr I’m not so sure, was too busy eating to deconstruct).  It wouldn’t hurt to add a little more bangus tinapa to the dish though as the amount was “bitin”.  Also, the red onions can be sliced a bit smaller because its quantity and the size of each bite can get too overwhelming.  They ended up as “wallflowers”, dragged to the side of my dish, midmeal.  Tsk tsk. Everything else, went to my happy tummy.

Tomato, Salted Duck Egg and Bangus Tinapa – Sour, salty and smoky in one dish

My main course was Zubuliempo.  I have overlooked this pork dish during my previous visits since I was too caught up with the quirky ones.  Liempo is practically everywhere, right?  I didn’t expect much from this dish but to my surprise, it was really really yummy.  The meat was flavorful, it gave my arteries a run for their lives in all its porky goodness.  It was not dry, very tender to the bite but the skin was crispy.  How the hell did they do that?  Shoot me for saying this but I prefer their liempo over the pritchon.  Hihi.

Zubuliempo, not your typical liempo.

As a side dish, I ordered Zubuchon’s Pancit Lechon.  It was OK for me because it was not too salty and it had a generous serving of subak (What’s subak in English? Haha).  Subak generally refers to the chopped meat or veggies added as ingredients to the main dish.  The pancit had lechon skin, fried pork, small prawns (4 pieces!), taingang daga (wood ear mushrooms) plus all the other typical ingredients of pancit.  It definitely buffered the sinful liempo.

Pancit lechon + lots of other stuff

And the perfect drink to emulsify all the fats – Zubuchon’s pineapple mint shake! This trumps kamias shake by about 2 points!

Pineapple Mint Shake – awaaard!

I was a little woozy after the meal because everything was sooo good and yes I literally stuffed myself to near-heart attack.  I wish Zubuchon will open its doors to Manila and Davao as well.  Believe me, this country will be a better place.  And after years of reading Marketman’s blog, I know for a fact that every single item in the menu is well thought out, taking months (and perhaps years? :p) to truly perfect.  Each ingredient is meticulously prepared and every step done with precision.

This is local cuisine at its best and we should be proud! Zubuchon is indeed Cebu’s best lechon.

ZUBUCHON – Main Branch
One Mango Mall
Mango Avenue, Cebu City

Zubuchon Escario Branch (smaller branch and less items on the menu)
Escario Building
731 Escario Street
corner Clavano Street
Cebu City

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2 comments on “Can’t Get Enough of Zubuchon

  1. givemetravelfunds
    November 7, 2011

    This makes me want to fly to Cebu again. I had iba shake, zubuchon, adobo, monggo on their Mango branch.

    • ibyangerts
      November 7, 2011

      Zubuchon is reason enough to fly to Cebu. =D Their iba shake rocks!

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