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My jaw literally dropped the moment I saw Calle Crisologo at 3 in the morning.  It was like travelling back to the 18th century (thank you, too fast too furious Partas bus) and witnessing firsthand a real-life Noli Me Tangere scene.

The ominous glow of the streetlamps,the ancient decrepit open windows, the incessant coughing of someone from somewhere gave me goosebumps the entire time.  Or was it just the biting chill of the early morning air?  My lifelong dream of visiting Vigan City has finally come true and I was pretty much already overwhelmed five minutes into our journey.


Eerie yet beautiful. Calle Crisologo at 3 AM.

I am amazed at how they managed to preserve the old world feel of the place.  I am no architecture aficionado, but the intricate details of every structure simply left me breathless.  I wanted to capture every nook, wanted to breathe its beauty in while it was still devoid of people.  Calle Crisologo was a vision that stirred my senses to life, I became part of its quiet heartbeat.  Up until now, I still can’t forget how I felt treading that street at that very moment (I’m cheesy like that).  Vigan City, you are indeed worth the 8-hour travel.


Open windows, what’s inside?


Run-down yet charming


Fascinating architecture


Would love to take these home

We spent practically an hour traversing the cobblestoned path, not speaking, getting lost in that long-gone era, just taking precious photos.  When we reached the end of the street, we decided to explore other parts of old Vigan. But those places deserve a separate post.

Since we were so in love with Calle Crisologo, we decided to go back after our Vigan day tour (and a much-needed 4-hour siesta).  Lo and behold, it was teeming with tourists and local vendors selling charming trinkets and yummy treats.  The street was alive, buzzing with activity, its now steady heartbeat palpable amidst the noise. Nevertheless, it was still breathtaking.


I’m so obsessed with the details


Antique doors, anyone?


The street is alive


Almost sunset

It’s been a while since a place had this effect on me.  It was so overwhelmingly beautiful, I can’t get enough of it.  If only its walls could speak, its stories would be one of the most fascinating in the world.  And as if its mere beauty is not enough, the people were so warm and friendly and yes, the food…don’t get me started.

Calle Crisologo is indeed a historical and a cultural gem.  My heart swells with pride because the Philippines has not lost this heritage.  And I am grateful that I saw, felt… became a part of it for a day.